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Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm PST
stories this hour -- the horse meat scandal spreads to germany as france says one company may be to blame. >> an olympic athlete charged with murder after his girlfriend is shot dead -- found shot dead at his home. >> and mobilizing 1 billion people -. a french protesting company is in the spotlight after the horse meat scandal sweeping europe. the government in paris has accused a firm of knowingly selling horse meat as beef. the company denies that allegation. >> french authorities have been investigating the complex supply chains that ended with be processed meals being tainted with horse meat. so far, the scandal has been treated as an issue of fraud rather than public health, but in britain, officials say a potentially dangerous horse drug might have entered the food chain. >> meanwhile, the scandal has reached germany, too. >> more german supermarkets have pulled products suspected of containing horse meat as the scandal spreads throughout germany. it is still unclear who is responsible. the supply chain stretches across your -- your representative. a luxembourg company ordered beef
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
of troubles. >> the oecb recognizing that germany does more to recruit non-immigrant workers. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is being called the biggest match? -- match-fixing scandal. they have found a ring that has fixed games including the world cup finals. they took cash prizes to fix the games. >> the names will not be released until the investigation proceeds. it does include top matches in several european countries as well as two champions. >> european anti-crime agency interpol says the evidence hundreds of soccer matches were fixed between 2008-2011. they were600 people are implicad they cashed in about 800 million euro in illegal bets. >> this is fixing activity on a scale we have not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and players. this is generating very large amounts of illicit profits. >> the global scale was run out of singapore with bribes topping 100,000 euro. euro poll showed videos of arrests and they said they would not release the names of any players are clubs until the investigation is concluded. worldwide, euro po
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
from the neo-nazi groups in germany has not been taken seriously enough. the second point is that there were prejudiced investigations because many of the victims were migrants and the police were extremely convinced that organized crime and mafia activity had to be the reason. they did not think for a second that there might be a racial background. we found out during our work that the security executions, 36 of them, they are not communicating enough with each other and that must also change. it is not just a change of structures that we need but also a change in police work. >> most of the victims were of turkish origin. you have just come back from turkey. how concerned are they about racially motivated violence in germany? >> germany and turkey are very closely linked. we have 3 million people living here with roots in turkey. of course they're very concerned about what has happened like we are here in germany. we went there as a delegation to make sure we were running a transparent investigation and we promise to deliver all of our conclusions. >> sebastian, thank yo
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> philip, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. >> in germany, the president has urged citizens to use the eurozone crisis as an opportunity to show unity and solidarity. the president delivered a speech friday calling on germans to think beyond the borders of their own country and to draw strength on the values that they share with the rest of europe. here's more. >> he set himself a tough task -- he wanted to speak up for europe at a time of political and economic crisis. the german president acknowledged the anger and disappointment with europe that many people feel. he said europe is at a critical point. >> this crisis is not just about economics. it is also a crisis of trust in the european political project. we are not just struggling for our currency. we are struggling with ourselves. >> he said europe for him was the promise of peace and common values like freedom and the rule of law, but he said europe was ill equipped, saying it must grow closer but without putting itself under pressure. >> the key question with all changes should therefore be -- what could a democratic europ
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
from southern germany through central europe and in the balkans. at the border between romania and serbia, a number of different cultures meet. if they are not swallowed up by water. when a dam was built downstream more than 40 years ago, this man lost his home. >> when i look at the photo and see where the town an island used to be, it makes me very sad that it has vanished -- when i look at the photo and see where the town and island used to be. >> the island is now under 40 meters of water. gone are centuries a checkered history. memories are all that remain. >> this here was the waiting room at the docks. >> the people who live here came from different cultures -- some from bosnia. some from bulgaria. on this island, we have people from all parts of the former ottoman empire. that is what our island was like. >> sometimes, the island belonged to austria-hungary, sometimes to the ottoman empire. when the ottomans' left, it remained as a turkish enclave -- when the ottomans left. it became an exotic destination for outings. visitors came from all over romania to buy turkish w
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
and not returning to his beloved the very a in southern germany for his retirement -- beloved of area -- beloved bugbear yet -- beloved bavaria in southern germany. the new pope has to be charismatic, forceful, has to put his own stamp very quickly on the papacy. >> who will be in charge of the catholic church until the new pope is elected? >> the cardinal will take care of the daily running of the church. no major decision will be made until a new pope is elected. >> everybody is wanting to know when that will be. when do you think they will start sitting down to elect a new pope? >> i wish i knew. the pope has made it possible for the cardinals to meet earlier than planned. they are planning to meet -- had planned to meet on the 15th of march. there are pros and cons. the pros say that we have to get a pope in place before easter, and there is no clear front- runner. this may well be a long conclave. it is important that we start early. the people who are against starting early say not all the cardinals are here yet. they need time. we should not rush this. it is particularly necessary for car
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
to rest as her boyfriend appears in court and is charged with premeditated murder. >> germany's constitutional court eases restrictions on same-sex couples adopting children. prosecutors at the international criminal court are laying out evidence against the former president of ivory coast. after the hearing, judges will assess if there's enough evidence to put him on trial. >> he is accused of committing crimes against humanity during the country's violently disputed presidential election in 2010. he denies the charges against him, and his lawyers say he should not be tried at the icc. >> he appeared calm and concentrated as the historic hearing got under way. he is the first former head of state to appear before the international criminal court. he is not due to respond to the charges against him until later next week. the court stressed that the hearing was preliminary and meant to establish if there was enough evidence to try him. >> i would like to emphasize the fact that this hearing is not a trial as such. the chamber is not designed to make a finding in the hearing aga
Feb 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> the italian prime minister cancels an appointment with germany's main opposition candidate. >> in german soccer, dortmund prepared to defend their title against high-flying bayern munich. it seemed that the lord was sleeping -- that was today's emotional farewell message from pope benedict xvi as he acknowledged the rough seas that marked his time as head of the catholic church. >> it was his final public address before retiring, speaking to pins -- tens of thousands of faithful, he referred to the struggles enjoy of his papacy. >> we will be going live to rome in a moment to get more detail on the speech, but first, a closer look, and the momentous day for catholics around the world. >> a final farewell to the faithful -- people flocked to the vatican to bid goodbye to " benedict, both as the head of the catholic church and as a bishop in rome. the pope took his time. this vehicle stopped several times so he could less children. an estimated 150,000 worshipers had congregated at st. peter's square. they had come from all over the world to be here, to hold up messages of banks and pay re
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
number of politicians, from britain to germany. >> this is not just about speed. we have to get quicker, but we also have to get better. that is why we need a rapid response team to monitor this international market. >> german supermarkets have already pulled thousands of products off the shelves, and the scandal appears to be far from over. >> coming up, the latest round of protests in egypt, this time in favor of president morsi. >> but first, we will look at some other stories making news. venezuelan state television has released photos of hugo chavez, who is recovering from cancer treatment in cuba. these are the first images of the ailing president to be released in months. venezuela reelected him last year, but he has not yet been well enough. >> the german finance minister fills a post which has been vacant since the previous chief was fired for incompetence nine months ago. >> airport security workers have suspended a strike in two major german airports for the weekend. the strike's over higher pay have forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. workers say they will resume
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
on a visit to germany. >> and a step closer to bundesliga. berlin get an important win. and that italy faces political deadlock after the country's national elections produced no clear winner. no single party was able to secure a majority in both houses of parliament. >> the center-left candidate is claiming a narrow victory, but it is not enough for him to build a government. >> former prime minister silvio berlusconi came in a close second. coalition talks are under way, but many italians are unsure they will produce a stable government. >> italian voters have elected new representatives, but where does that leave the country? newspaper headlines are skating. one reads -- the only winner is ungovernability. there's already talk of free elections. >> i do not know what to say. i think we voters are being taken for a ride. >> i have no idea what will happen now. they will reach some kind of decision. everything is in the hands of four or five people again. they just do what they want. >> italy's political landscape is in turmoil. the central left coalition won the lower house by a blister, b
Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm PST
adjourned until tomorrow. the trial is not expected for months. >> in germany, it has been three years since a series of child sex abuse cases in catholic and institutions shocked the nation. the government responded by setting up a round table commission of politicians, experts, and victims' groups. >> they came up with proposals to help victims and prevent it from taking place in the future, but a lot remains to be done. >> this jesuits school in berlin was were the first allegations of abuses in germany became public three years ago. the incidents were covered up for decades. revelations set off a chain reaction, and victims of abuse throughout germany came forward with their stories. the government now requires that justice department's be notified when offenses are suspected, the result of a round table commission. >> never again should anyone running an institution think they can hide behind their own hierarchical structures to prevent the public learning about incidents of abuse against young people. >> legislation to extend the statute of limitations for exploitation cases from 3 to
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
up to adolph hitler a a the nazi regime. scott ross has his inspired story. >> reporter: germany, 1939. hitler's rise to powerr snned everyone with s speed and vererity. the world watched in horror as the nazis bullieded first tthe nation and then a continent. but in gererny, a resisisnce wasuilding that wowoed to dismantel the third reich from the inside. their primary aim, assassinate hitler. dedrick bonhoffer was a leader in the cause. i sat down with eric matasis to discuss his life and fate. >> bonhoffer is the ultimate role model for christians today. >> reporter: bonhoffer grew up in an educated and artistic family in germany. his father was a distinguished brain chemist, and his brother worked with albert einstein to split the adam. bonhoffer told the field of theology. and while doing post-graduate studies in new york, he was surprised by what he found, or, rather, what he didn't find. >> in new york they preach about virtually everything, but only one thing was not addressed or addressed so rarely, i've yet been able to hear it, namely the gospel of jesus christ, the c
Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> in germany, chancellor angela merkel is looking at the possibility of perhaps having to reshuffle her cabinet. after a university committee withdrew the doctoral title from, of all people, the country's education minister after finding she had plagiarized her thesis. >> commentators are comparing this to the transportation minister being caught drunk driving or the finance minister hiding cash in monaco. for now, though, the chancellor is giving her support. >> the german cabinet is full of doctors. the finance minister, the foreign affairs minister, the economy minister and vice chancellor, and, of course, the chancellor herself, dr. angela merkel. it is an unfortunate twist of fate that the education minister, of all people, is to be stripped of her doctorate. she got the news in south africa. >> i will not accept the decision by the university of dusseldorf, and i will challenge it in court. now that i am is involved in a legal battle with the university, i must ask for understanding that i cannot comment further on the matter today. >> after an investigation lasting months, the university
Feb 20, 2013 6:30pm PST
in berlin was were the first allegations of abuses in germany bece public three years ago. the incidents were covered up for decades. revelations set off a chain reaction, and victims of abuse throughout germany came forward with their stories. the government now requires that justice department's be notified when offenses are suspected, the result o a round table commission. >> never again should anyone running an institution think they can hide behind their own hierarchical structures to prevent the public learning about incidents of abuse against young people. >> legislation to extend the statute of limitations for exploitation cases from 3 to 30 years is yet to become law, and a special fund has been advised to aid victims of sexual abuse, but how it will be financed is unclear. >> the federal government stands fully behind its commitment with a portion -- but the portion to come from the state governments is still missing. >> the victims are still waiting. they say there's been a lot of talk but not much action. they are grateful their plight is out in the open. more concrete help w
Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
, and when unionist died on the picket line. >> in germany, chancellor angela merkel has praised the european union's hard-fought budget for the next seven years. she told parliament the proposals agreed in brussels earlier this month were the best way to ensure economic stability in europe. >> the budget includes some spending cuts for the first time. critics say it does not focus enough on boosting jobs and growth. >> angela merkel says all eu member states must cut costs. two weeks ago, the chancellor and british prime minister david cameron went out in brussels securing an eu budget cut of around 3%. now merkel has defended that decision. she says the crisis means everyone has to save. >> i will say it quite plainly -- it would have been hard to explain to people in europe, both to the states hit by the crisis and those bearing the bulk of the burden of solidarity why everyone in europe has to say except for europe itself. >> but the opposition disagrees. social democrats' candidate for chancellor peer steinbrueck says merkel advocates too much austerity and too little investment. he also
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
, it was very clear in germany that my father fought, my son is going to have a better life this is no longer clear in europe. i think it's no longer clear in the u.s. and if you look at progress, and that meant economic growth in europe and in the u.s., is leading to better incomes. economic growth is leading to better jobs. economic growth is leading to a better wealth state and better social security. and even two more sustainability to look at the environment. now we have to learn, and that is quite a challenge for progressive politics that this is no longer working. and it's even no longer working when we were in power. and i'm a social democrat, and if you look at the years when we were in power, everyone is now single kid, we work economically very successful in those days because competitiveness of the german economy grew, but on the other hand, you have to admit the following. there are no better incomes, there are no better jobs, there's no better wealth of state and more social security. and this of course means that we have to rethink a couple of questions, and these are to my min
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
that african troops should take over from the french asap. >> here's more on the story beginning with germany's involvement. >> german aircraft could soon be used to support french intervention in mali, providing mid-air refueling to french planes as they go to combat zones. the proposed increase in german military involvement has been welcomed by lawmakers from the governing coalition. >> it is about making more support available to our french partners. to help make sure that mali does not turn into a breeding ground for international terrorists. >> germany has already provided two military transport planes to help transport african union troops with a third ready if needed, but further help will require approval from parliament. the green party do not see it as a simple yes vote. >> the crucial thing about this military involvement is that it must lead to a political process because the military cannot solve the problem. >> parliament must also approve a planned eu training mission for the malian army. >> the way to ease the burden on france is to put african forces in a position to fulfil
Feb 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
% of greeks were unemployed. spanish employment levels are not much better. austria, germany, and luxembourg have the best employment numbers, but that's not enough to change a europe-wide trend. eurozone unemployment has been on the rise for the last five years. at the beginning of 2008, the jobless rate stood at 7.2%. today, 11.7% of eurozone residents looking for a job cannot find one. youth unemployment figures are especially worrisome. nearly one in four young people under the age of 25 cannot have a job. youth unemployment in spain tops 55%. >> german lawmakers began debating friday a controversial ban on the far-right party. the previous attempts to outlaw it failed in 2003. >> this new drive to ban the party came after revelations that a neo-nazi group linked to the npd carried out a decade- long string of racially motivated murders. >> a former high-ranking member of the far right npd is thought to have supplied the weapons used by the new lots is in the recent killings. along with others accused of aiding and abetting the neo-nazi terror cell, he will soon appear in court in munich
Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
the prospects of reaching agreement. >> the starting positions are quite far apart. but speaking for germany, i say we will do everything we can to come to an agreement. because in times of uncertainty and high unemployment, it is essential for people to be able to plan their future. >> it is about politics, not just numbers. the trick will be to find a deal that allows each of the 27 national leaders to claim victory when they return home, and members of the european parliament have warned that if the budget makes too many cuts, they may veto the whole package. >> will there be a deal this time around? for more on the budget summit, let's go now live to brussels and our correspondent. the start of this conference has been put off. what is happening? >> let's be clear. the official start of the conference has been put off, but really, there has been tough bargaining going on behind the scenes since this afternoon. especially great britain seems to be a tough nut to crack, and there does not seem to be a great deal of willingness for compromise that david cameron is showing here, and a meeting b
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
.3%. while many countries around the continent continue the struggle of massive economic problems, germany is powering ahead. demand for german goods seems insatiable, and that includes in the fashion sector. >> it is not just their models that looks spectacular. the new number -- numbers from fashion house hugo boss are the best today. double-digit turnover. the company expects the growth to continue. consumers in europe might be watching their spending, but demand from customers in the u.s. and china is more than making up for it. and it is not just hugo boss. 2012 saw german exporters selling almost 1.1 billion euros worth of goods to international customers. that is 3.4% up from the year before. the value of imports rose as well, but at a more moderate pace. 2012 saw germany's second highest trade surplus since the recession began. >> for a look now on how the german trade numbers move the markets, here is a report from frankfurt. >> not many people here at the exchange dare to give a forecast where -- as to if german exports this year will be as strong as last year's. one factor which
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am EST
>>> hello. welcome to today's edition of "worldwide exchange." >> fourth quarter data for germany and france comes in below expectations. >> and japan's recession drags on. the boj shrinks for a tlird quarter. >>> this year will be as challenging as 2012 after seeing sales growth less than expected in the fourth quarter. the ceo tells cnbc, europe remains a drag. >> europe is depressed. it's going to take time. to solve it in part of europe is hard hit as it's going to take longer. >> and a mega merger is cleared for takeoff. reports say the boards at amr and us airways sign off on their $11 billion deal to create the world's biggest airline. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the world. >> all right. you're wearing an appropriate valentine's day shirt. >> i am. i tried. there's a little bit of pink if we look at your tie very closely. if you want to know what's happening in the markets today, hold on, ubs, the valentine's day gdp's massacre. >> yes. >> because if you look at when it's japan shrinking at an annualized rate, g
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am EST
exchange," bringing you business news tr around the globe. >> now, the eco index in germany is expected to rebound in february. it should be crossing the wire any second now and we'll bring that number to you. ahead of trade, you're looking at the euro/dollar up about 0.2%. it looks as though the february ifo fund index has risen. in fact, it's risen to a level of 107.4, well above the level of 104.7 that was expected. also, depending on the consensus, it was looking for a reading of about 104/105. current conditions index, 110 versus the expectation of 108.5. message here from businesses surveyed by -- in this survey show the expectations the current climate and the general feeling among businesses in germany is on the rebound. so this does jive with what we've seen out of several other surveys, including the zew index, also the pmi numbers, as well. let's get more on what this means. not much reaction across the euro. hans rhettiker, good morning. >> it is a very important number, especially in the context of what happened recently in europe where we had very bad gdp numbers. we had w
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
, but they still do not agree on how to solve the conflict in syria. in germany, citizens remain up in arms about the prospect of having to bail out failed banks and eu governments for perhaps years to come. they are still asking why no charges have been brought in the interest rate fixing scandal among top level banks. >> now, the german finance minister is set to present proposals to address that anger that will include a tightening of banking regulations. germany is not the only european country planning new laws against the reckless bankers that cost taxpayers billions. >> and number of european governments are drawing up new measures to prevent big banks from passing on the costs of high risk trading to taxpayers. in germany, a new draft law is due to be presented to the cabinet on wednesday. the proposed law would require major banks to separate their retail and investment banking. it also outlines plans for restructuring and liquidation in the event of a crisis, and bank executives are engaged -- who engage in reckless behavior could face up to five years in prison, and britain is also bou
Feb 11, 2013 6:30pm PST
. in 2011, he returned to germany and he told parliament that religion had lost its meaning for many people. the most recent controversy was the saw the pointing to corruption in the highest echelon of the church. >> all three monotheistic religions go back to the same origin with abraham being a father. nevertheless, relations between judaism, islam, and christianity remain strained. there have been raise of hope and moments of reconciliation. in our next report, we look at relations during the popsy of pope benedict -- papacy of benedict xvi. >> his speech was meant to be clear signal of improved relations. >> shalom. i would like to take this opportunity to assure you that i intend to continue with all my strength toward improved relations with the jewish people. that is the path on which john paul ii took great steps. >> years later, he visited auschwitz. but this was just one side of a tricky balancing act. his actions within the church causing doubts about his commitment to the friendship. in 2007, benedict revived the mass that satisfied a conservative catholics, but it includes the
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
between turkey and germany in another book completely different area. >> then, an unusual outing. the chancellor rarely has time on official visits to go to tourist destinations, but this time she made an exception to see the world heritage site in central anatolia. she is all too aware of the sensitive nature of the talks in turkey and she opposes full ec membership, but she has promised to end the talks giving her backing to a new round of negotiations. >> we're now joined on the line by dorian in a stumble. she wants the negotiations on membership to move ahead, but she is skeptical about turkey becoming a full member. >> that's what she said at a press conference as well with the turkish prime minister standing next to her. see says she does want the process to move forward. 22 out of 35 memberships have yet to complete our frozen. the chancellor said she won in one of those chapters to be on a frozen and that would be well below the was a key expectation and from the german chancellor. she did say that turkey needs to do more reforms and she mentioned the question of religio
Feb 27, 2013 9:00pm PST
shootings in one country, zero school shootings in another. that is my point to you. >> how about germany, germany has even stricter laws than australia has, and up until newtown they had two of the three worst public shootings in the world. they had occurred despite these regulations. >> in the last ten years -- >> in the last ten years -- >> how many in the last ten years have been killed by guns in germany? >> germany had both of their shootings in the last ten years. >> and i'll ask you, how many people have been murdered with guns in germany in the last ten years? >> again -- >> you cited germany, do you know the answer to the country you have raised as an example to the proof of your argument. >> you change the question. >> you bring up the thing about school shootings -- -- >> thousand gun murders a year, mr. lott. >> what is the point of having anybody on. here is the deal, you bring up school shootings, i respond to school shootings and then you go on to something else without letting me finish. >> i finally get the answer to the questions i ask you. >> you wouldn't let me finish
FOX News
Feb 2, 2013 8:30am PST
to china or germany because we will refuse the same commitment here . [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ >> hello eeveryone. i am uma from washington. they're expected to hold a news conference and update on the hostage drama that continue to play out . huge kidnapper -- the accused kidnapper and five year old is r five-days. >> and talks will only happen in iran is it serious about them. he made conference in germany. >>> and back in this country. there is it leads of a prosecutor who was kill would on thursday morning what would president reagoon say about the current immigration debate. see you then. >> paid by you and me the taxpayers. new york city teacher is about to earn a million buckings for doing nothing. he was booted out of the classroom over allegations of sexually ha
Feb 13, 2013 2:30pm PST
world war, a war that was started by germany. >> on february 13, 1945, britain's royal air force targeted dresden. with help from american bombers, the devastated the city, killing 25,000 people in just hours. much of the downtown area was destroyed along with industrial and military infrastructure. bombs were dropped indiscriminately and nearly everywhere to inflict maximum damage. copper bombing, a horrendous tactic now prohibited by the geneva convention. at a demonstration in the city center, thousands warned against forgetting about germany's nazi past which provoked the horrors of dresden, so the locals by locking arms to keep neo-nazis out of the memorial services. the city is morning in a loss of innocent german citizens, not the downfall of the third reich. >> ash wednesday is also a holiday for political junkies here in germany. every year, politicians use the occasion to fire up their base. in bavaria, the csu leader try to galvanize support ahead of this year's elections, criticizing peer steinbrueck 4 racking up billions in debt during his time as finance minister. s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,179 (some duplicates have been removed)